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       Fuyang Fang Heng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional EPS EPS production equipment manufacturers. In EPS accumulated rich experience in the field, persist in EPS device technology innovation, always to the customer the best quality and most satisfactory after-sales service. Our company is a manufacturer of equipment manufacturing EPS, colleagues, automatic vacuum-type EPS equipment for research and production led the country. After years of development, our company is already the largest domestic and international scale, the most competitive of the EPS equipment manufacturers.

The technology-based companies the advantages of a comprehensive and constantly active in the foam molding technology to make breakthroughs in the domestic price to the successful development of the CPU module can only digital control center, foam molding process to achieve automatic process control of vacuum foam molding machine. The device's performance has reached and some more than overseas products.

Companies implement the technology as the guide, quality as the fundamental business purpose, and constantly deepen reform, improve the internal management mechanism, will be a new face, stands in the forest of the East.

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